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Bubble Machine
Festive addition to many different events such as grand openings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Fluid comes in gallon containers and may be purchased at time of rental in any quantity.
We have many to choose from. Our most popular size can hold up to 100 canned drinks.
Dance Floor
3' x 3' sections are in parquet wood style (indoors only)
Can hold a variety of drinks, ice, or other large volume self-serve items. Dimensions: 6' L, 2' W, and 2.5' H
Haunted House themed prop. Made of heavy gauge steel tubing, and equipped with sound effects, fogger, and pneumatic controlled effects, this rendition is sure to "shock" your guests into the scream of things. Requires power and a constant air supply.
Add a professional access point to your next event. Our royal blue archway with a simulated "cloud" top gives any occasion the finished look needed to impress the most discerning guests. Unit footprint is 20' L, 20' W, 19' H
Fog Machine   Amazing special effects at an economical price. Can be set for short duration or extended time release. Has fully automatic and manual modes. Unit comes with 1 quart of fluid. Additional fluid available upon request.
Fun Mirrors
More distortions than a panel of politicians. Walk on by and see yourself in two distinct forms, long and skinny then short and stubby. Panels are 2' wide and 4' tall
Ever wonder what a hamster feels like in it's exercise ball? Well here's your chance! Step into your own exercise ball and let the good times roll! Each over-sized inflatable sphere is 6' tall. Average time spent in sphere is under 2 minutes. Human spheres also come with the "Criss Cross Collision Course", see the Mechanical Rides page for more details.
Ice Chest
Similar to convenience store size units. Convenient when a larger ice storage/freezer is needed for long term events. Holds 400-500 pounds of bagged ice.
Great for times when you need that extra loud delivery. Battery powered, hand-held for versatility and ease of use.
PA System
200 watt system with speakers, amplifier, microphone, and microphone stand. System has auxiliary input capacity.
Photo Front
Wide variety of styles to choose from. City, Western, Nautical, Safari, and Beach just to name a few.
Used in many applications for attracting in a visual manner. Skydancers move in combination with a blower motor and static pressure inside a 20'-35' fabric tube or combination of tubes to replicate a giant stick figure that dances in the sky.
Snow Machine
Gives the inspiring feeling of the first snow of the year! Device uses a non-toxic fluid to "manufacture" snow similar to a fog machine making fog. Best results occur when temperature is under 40° Fahrenheit.
We have several styles of staging. Indoor staging is carpeted with steps. Each section is 8' L, 4' W, and 2' H. We have enough to make a 12' x 16' area. Outdoor/indoor staging sections are 4' x 4' and can be 16" or 24" tall depending on customer's request. We also have choral staging. These units fit together in a gentle curving pattern and are manufactured in a 3-tier design.
Ticket Booth
Designed to be utilized in a variety of events, these units can be used in a 10' x 10' tent, at the front of a ballroom entrance, or in an outdoor vendor set-up. All come with a built-in transaction counter, seating for attendant, and ticket roll dispenser. We can also provide the tickets, please ask when booking.
Small Helium Tank
Makes about 400 9 inch balloons
Large Helium Tank
Makes about 600 9 inch balloons
Bag of 100 Balloons
Available in multiple colors. Special order item, 2 week lead time required.
Multi-colored balls used for child play areas.
Brown Wood Podium
3 sided with shelf
Folding Podium
Wooden 3-sided with shelf
Metal Podium   Chrome with shelf
Metal Podium with Black Skirt
Chrome with shelf. Black skirt around podium.
Metal Podium with Lecturn
Beige in color
Oak Podium
Similar to a librarian podium
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